We're Different at Planet

Thank you for visiting our website. Planet Honda is grateful for your visit. We provide a unique buying experience for our guests and we're proud of it. While every dealership claims to be unique in one way or another: Planet make it very clear how we are different.

All vehicles on our lot clearly display our Planet Value Pricing sticker - showing our best price up front. No need to haggle or get through the sales person to deal with a manager. Its just right there on the car. Every Car.

No need to get defensive against a gang of "shark" sales people. Our sales consultants don't linger in the lot and pounce on you as soon as you park. In fact - our consultants are truly "consultants" because they receive no commission at all. They receive a salary and bonuses based on volume and customer satisfaction surveys. Our primary goal is to answer questions and help make the buying process simple and fun.

Finally - Planet truly is one-of-a-kind with our "5 Day/250-Mile Money back Guarantee." That is exactly what it is - no sneaky rules or fine print. If you buy a car and decide its not for you, bring it back within 5 days and 250 miles on the odometer from your purchase mileage.

We're grateful for the opportunity to show your our website and would be honoroed to earn your business. We mean earn. Please give us a call today (303)-215-4200 or Contact Us Online today.


Speak with one of our professional staff members to get a quick answer to your question.

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New and Certified Used Honda Sales

There certainly are a lot of options out there for vehicle shoppers to turn to when it comes time to find a car, van, truck, SUV, crossover or hybrid in Golden, CO, but we guaranty you that none can quite offer you the value like Honda can. Every new model that Honda introduces comes standard with some of the best innovation in the industry. From the Honda sedans loaded with class and style, to the family oriented vans and SUVs, there is a Honda out there for every shopper's needs. As an added bonus, our friendly sales staff is very knowledgeable on all of the Honda models to provide you with answers to even the most detailed questions you may have. Do you already know which vehicle you are interested in? schedule a test drive online to get started today!

The Planet Honda car lot also features a great selection of Honda Certified Pre-Owned vehicles as well as used vehicles from many other automakers on the market. The selection of used vehicles in Golden, CO is a great place for any car shopper to see what’s all being offered on the market, where each model can be test driven to compare popular options side by side. As an added peace of mind, each pre-owned vehicle has been quality check by one of our professional service department vehicle technicians to ensure it meets our high standard for quality.

World Class Facility

Planet Honda is proud to provide you with the experience of Honda's first ever "Generation 3" store design. Our huge, new facility doesn't give off the stereotypical vibes of a car dealership. Our facility is clean, bright and open; providing a fresh and relaxing environment for your shopping and service needs.

Regarding service - we have a massive service drive with state-of-the-art technology, allowing us to provide you with clean and prompt service. Minimmum waiting. We can perform the work you need quickly and correctly the first time.