Ten Generations Deep

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2016 Honda Civic, with a Turbocharged Engine and Advanced Features

The newest generation of the Honda Civic has been revealed at the New York Auto Show. It’s being called a concept and the exciting new shape of the coup that was on display is only outdone by the bright green paint job it was given. It is quite likely the sportiest Honda Civic we have ever seen and it provides insight to next model year. The 2016 Honda Civic, with a turbocharged engine and advanced features will be the most dynamic Civic we’ve ever seen.

2016 Honda Civic Type-R

In the video of the release, you can hear all about the history of the Civic, or if you really just want to see the vehicle, you can skip to 11 minutes. You will hear plenty about how this concept is part of the next step in design and performance for the Honda. It is compared to a fighter multiple times, but not some overpriced prize fighter with an ego. This is a vehicle that is ready to go at it on the streets. It has a new lower and wider stance than it has had previously.

This marks the return to the more sport-inspired models and come along with an indication of the Type-R coming to the U.S. After some conversation, it was simply stated, “let’s do it”. Followed by an image of the Type-R up on the screen behind the concept. This adds quite a bit of range to the Civic lineup with the return of the hatchback.

The new Civic was also called a perfect ten and will be offered with a short-shifting manual six-speed gearbox, or a CVT. Even more exciting, the production Civic will see the addition of a 1.5L VTEC Turbo engine. It will also have upgraded apps, gadgets and safety features. And we’ll be able to see it in all of its epic glory this fall when Honda debuts it.

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