How do you pair your mobile device to Honda Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink®?

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Nowadays, staying connected when you’re on the go is more important than ever before. That said, trying to keep your eyes on the road while making phone calls, chcanging your playlists and more can be dangerous. Fortunately for Honda drivers, new models feature Honda Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® which will allow you hands-free access to your phone’s features through your Honda model’s infotainment system. Keep reading to learn more about Honda Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink®.

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Connect your mobile device to Honda Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink®

With the Honda Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® features, drivers can make and receive phone calls without having to be distracted by handling their mobile device.

To pair your mobile device with Honda Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink®, first turn on your Honda vehicle, but keep it in Park. Next, press the ‘Home’ button, then select ‘Phone’ and lastly select ‘Yes.’ Open your mobile device’s Bluetooth® settings and make sure the device is ‘discoverable’ and then add the Bluetooth® device and select ‘Continue.’ Your device’s name should appear on your vehicle’s touchscreen (if it doesn’t appear, select ‘Refresh’).

On your device, select ‘HandsFreeLink®’ to pair it with the vehicle. Your vehicle’s touchscreen will display a pairing code that must be confirmed.

If you’re connecting an iPhone to the Honda Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink®, you’ll be able to store your contacts and phonebook. In fact, you can pair up to six phones in your Honda. To pair additional phones to the Honda Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink®, go to your touchscreen and select ‘Settings,’ then ‘Phone.’ Next, select ‘Bluetooth Device List’ and then ‘Add Bluetooth® device.’ Lastly, select the desired phone on your touchscreen (if it doesn’t appear, select ‘Refresh’).

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