How Does the Honda Sensing® Blind Spot Information System Work?

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2018 honda odyssey with honda sensing technology

Honda is famous for its legendary performance, efficiency, style and more. Their best strength, however, may be their available advanced safety technology. The most innovative offerings from Honda are included in the Honda Sensing® safety suite. This package of advanced safety technology contains a number of high-tech safety features including Cross Traffic Monitor, Lane Keep Assist and the extremely popular and practical Blind Spot Information System. Keep reading to learn more about the Blind Spot Information System from the Honda Sensing® safety suite.

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Honda Sensing® Blind Spot Information System

The Blind Spot Information System is a part of the Honda Sensing® safety suite. This innovative feature uses built-in sensors placed on your Honda model that will continually monitor the area surrounding your vehicle and alert you if a vehicle is detected on either side of you. If you use your turn signal when the Blind Spot Information System is active, the system will alert you with an audible ‘beep’ and a visual indicator.

The system doesn’t make up for checking your blind spot, however. For this – or any innovative safety feature from Honda – it is the driver’s responsibility to drive safely and attentively.

2018 honda fit driving rear view

What is the Honda Sensing® Safety Suite?

Safety is the most important part about driving. And while you can take a lot of precautions, you can’t control what other drivers may do. With new and innovative safety technology from Honda, you can keep focused on the road, and know that your new Honda model will have your back. The Honda Sensing® Safety Suite offers drivers a list of safety features so technologically-advanced, you’d swear they were from the future! Keep reading to find out the best features of the Honda Sensing® Safety Suite, and find out which new Honda models will offer this package of features!  Read More

If you’d like to learn more about the innovative Honda Sensing® Safety Suite, stop down to Planet Honda and talk to a member of our knowledgeable team. They can help you with questions regarding specific features available, trim levels and which 2018 models offer the Honda Sensing® Safety Suite. Schedule a test drive of a new Honda model today to see these great features in action!

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