Honda Celebrates the Accord's 40th Anniversary

Honda Celebrates the Accord's 40th Anniversary

Has it really been 40 years already? It seems like it was just yesterday that the original, 1976 Honda Accord was rolling down the street and turning heads here in the United States. Now, here we are in 2016, as Honda celebrates the Accord’s 40th anniversary and the vehicle remains one of the most popular cars on the road today. That is why we decided to take a look back at what has made the Honda Accord such an outstanding vehicle here in the U.S.!

The vehicle has come quite a ways since its humble roots in 1976. There are now nine different generations of Honda Accord vehicles available with Sedan, Coupe, Wagon, Hybrid and Hatchback versions all being produced at one point or another. The Accord has always been a vehicle that anyone could enjoy, no matter whether they wanted high performance or fuel efficiency, and that trend continues to this day with the 2016 Honda Accord models.

12.7 Million Honda Accord Vehicles Sold

12.7 Million Sold

Since the vehicle first went on sale here in the U.S. in 1976, there have been over 12.7 million Honda Accord cars sold. The vehicle was originally manufactured overseas, but thanks to its immense popularity, Honda decided to begin producing the vehicle here in 1982. There have been over 10.7 million Accords produced in the U.S. since.



2017 Honda Accord Hybrid Redesign

Still Going Strong

At Honda celebrates the Accord’s 40th anniversary, they are able to do so with the launch of the all new 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid. This innovative new vehicle promises to be one of the most powerful, fuel efficient, technologically advanced midsize hybrid sedans on the road today and will continue the vehicle’s reputation as a leader in the automotive world.

2nd Generation Honda Accord Sedan and Hatchback
3rd Generation Honda Accord Sedan
5th Generation Honda Accord Models
9th Gerneration Honda Accord Hybrid Sedan

Plenty of Great Features Available in Today’s Honda Accord Models

In today’s Honda Accord vehicles, you will have more technology options to choose from than ever before. While the original 1976 Honda Accord had some great features available, such a roll-up windows and a rear defroster, the 2016 Honda Accord is far more advanced. The vehicle can be equipped with the latest HondaLink infotainment system, which allows you to access the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto interfaces. Leather trim, power adjustable seats, a push button start, and a rear view monitor can all be equipped as well!

The new Honda Accord is also a leader in the safety category for midsize sedans. Thanks to the Honda Sensing suite of driver assist technologies, the vehicle is actually able to work with the driver to help prevent any accidents from occurring. Some of the technologies available include a Lane Keeping Assist System, Adaptive Cruise Control, a Collision Mitigation Braking System, and a Road Departure Mitigation System.

If you would like to learn more about the Honda Accord, feel free to contact one of our Planet Honda sales team members today!

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*The Accord has just been named one of Car and Driver's 10Best, giving it more appearances on the list than any other car in the magazine's history. As our signature vehicle, the 2018 Accord upholds a legacy we started in 1976. With further design refinements and even more efficient performance, it's our best Accord ever. Again.

[1] Car and Driver, November 2017