Recall Information for Honda's Airbag Inflators








What do these recalls mean?

Certain Honda vehicles, as well as many other makes and models, operated in areas known for high absolute humidity and heat may contain a driver's and/or front passenger's airbag that, over time, may be affected by exposure to the humidity, which could produce excessive internal pressure upon deployment. If an affected airbag deploys, the increased internal pressure may cause the inflator casing to rupture. Metal fragments could pass through the airbag cushion material, possibly causing harm to vehicle occupants. If you are not a Honda owner and feel your vehicle is affected by this recall, we encourage you to reach out to your nearest same make manufacturer for additional details.

Next steps if your vehicle is affected:

If your Honda vehicle year and model is listed in the recall, it is important to contact Planet Honda. Our team will run your vehicle's VIN number through our system to determine if your car should be brought in for repair. Feel free to complete the form on this page or give our service team a call at 303-215-4200 to start this process.

If your vehicle is in need of repair, our team will schedule a service appointment to make the airbag component changes and get you back on the road worry free

Rest assured:

All used Honda vehicles on the lot at Planet Honda have been run through our system and those affected by these recalls have been repaired. If you have questions about these recalls or any other Honda vehicle recalls, please feel free to contact our service department at any time at 303-215-4200.

Check Your VIN:

You can check if your vehicle is affected by this recall online by clicking the link below (you will need your VIN number ready).

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