Women in Automotive
Planet Honda is PROUD, like crazy proud, to have multiple women in our organization as well as several women in leadership roles. We'd like to say thank you to the National Auto Dealers Association for highting #womeninautomotive this year

We at Planet have tried to be "progressive" and to inspire industry change for a while now. Our negotiation-free process that began in 2013 was 'radical' and flew in the face of industry "best practices," but our owners are passionate about actually empowering the shopper and changing the perspective on our industry.

In that vein, we are PROUD, like crazy proud to have multiple women working in our organization as well as multiple women in management roles. We challenge the claim that the car business is a "boy's club" and we are passionate about empowering women in our organization.

If you are a woman who is interested in starting a career in the automotive industry, we would be grateful to have you in our organization.